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There are many ways to get involved with SEPN. While all memberships are free, some services may require cash and/or in-kind supports (e.g., accessing graduate students or researchers).  Memberships may be upgraded at any time.

Organizations and Policy-Makers


Researchers working with SEPN have opportunities to:

  • Further understanding of how policies themselves contribute to the “policy-practice gap”
  • Develop directions for enhancing sustainability policy and practice in education in Canada and more broadly
  • Publish through a range of scholarly and professional publications, venues, forums, and conferences
  • Disseminate broadly through SEPN’s interactive website and growing Network
  • Fund graduate students through stipends and research assistantships
  • Link with collaborative research opportunities with community organizations
  • Participate in monthly collaboration and colloquia series

If you are interested in doing research with SEPN, please contact Nicola Chopin at nicola.chopin (at)

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