One of SEPN’s expected outcomes is the development of research-based, locally responsive models of exemplary sustainability policy and practice at the EC-12 level.  These models will be shared with communities in multiple sectors through mobilization meetings.  The goal of Theme 3’s Model Mobilization is to further how sustainability is taken up in education in the site analyses sites, as well as across Canada.


  • SEPN’s models will:
    • Be developed based on integrative analysis of all of SEPN’s data and will build on pre-existing frameworks
    • Take into account regional contexts but will also provide insight to policy and practice in related and distinct regional contexts
    • Be presented back to strategic groups and locations through community meetings
  • Mobilization meetings will be held in the same regions as the site analyses and will include key decision-makers (e.g., Canadian Council of Ministers of Education, provincial Ministries of Education, AANDC) to obtain feedback regarding further data to integrate and provide tools for changing policy and practice