Public & Stakeholders

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SEPN’s work involves extensive consultation with students, teachers, and organizations at all levels of the Canadian educational system.  Working with SEPN provides opportunities to:

  • Access graduate students and researchers to conduct research projects and syntheses on topics related to the Network research
  • Establish regional, national, and international partnerships to conduct innovative and collaborative research
  • Build a Network to further sustainability education in Canada
  • Contribute to understandings of partnership dynamics and processes, knowledge flow among Network member organizations and the impact of participating in the Network on member
    perspectives and activity
  • Increase expertise and capacity and further organizational mandates through research
  • Further understandings of how policy contributes to the “policy-practice gap”
  • Contribute to the evolution of sustainability policy and practice within SEPN member
    organizations through collaboration
  • Develop directions for enhancing sustainability policy and practice in education in Canada and
  • Access research- and evidence-based models and decision-making tools to further sustainability policy and practice uptake in education across Canada