Sustainability Initiative Scores: Sustainability in Post-secondary Institutions

SEPN has analyzed and scored all 220 accredited post-secondary institutions in Canada on their uptake of four high-level Sustainability Initiatives (SI):

  1. Undertaking a sustainability assessment
  2. Signing a national or international environmental or sustainability declaration
  3. Having a sustainability office or officer
  4. Having sustainability polices

An institution received one point for having a sustainability initiative in each category.

(Click here to access the scholarly publication associated with this data: Beveridge, D., McKenzie, M., Vaughter, P., & Wright, T. (2015). Sustainability in Canadian post-secondary institutions: The interrelationships among sustainability initiatives and geographic and institutional characteristics. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 16(5), 611 – 638. DOI:


 SI Score Listing

A list of post-secondary institutions with SI Scores between 2 and 4 is provided below.  SEPN updates this list when we receive new information that changes an institution’s SI Score.  If you wish to share information with us that would update your institution’s SI Score, please email (at)

PSE Census Scores for Website (SI 4)

PSE Census Scores for Website (SI 3)

PSE Census Scores for Website (SI 2)





Sustainability in Cdn Academic Institutions PSE Census Tile - RB
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