Site Analyses

Part of SEPN’s Community Engagement work, the site analyses began in 2015-2016.  The site analyses involved in-depth examinations of how sustainability is being taken up in education in select sites selected from Canada’s 13 provincial and territorial Ministries of Education.  The goal of this part of the project was to obtain a deeper understanding of the impact of gaps in sustainability policy and practice in education and to broaden SEPN’s membership.


  • Sites were selected based on the results of SEPN’s document analysis and national survey using a variety of selection criteria, which included:
    • Geographic region
    • Urban/rural location
    • Results from the Theme 1 document analysis
    • Results from the Theme 2 survey
    • Size of ministry
    • Existing relationships and research access
    • Extent of sustainability uptake into ministry policy and practice
  • Data were collected:
    • From a variety of groups including students, staff, faculty, and community members
    • Through multiple methods such as talking walls, focus groups, individual interviews, conversation cafés, and facilities data
    • From 1 primary and 1 secondary school in each of 1 urban and 1 rural school division in the following provinces:
      • British Columbia
      • Manitoba
      • Ontario
      • Quebec
      • New Brunswick
      • Nunavut

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