Site Analyses

Part of Theme 2’s Community Engagement work, the site analyses began in 2015-2016. The site analyses involved in-depth examinations of how sustainability is being taken up in select educational institutions selected from the Theme 1 document analysis. The goal of this part of the project was to obtain a deeper understanding of the impact of gaps in sustainability policy and practice in education and to broaden SEPN’s membership.


  • Sites were selected based on the results of theme 1 and the national survey using a variety of selection criteria, including:
    • Geographic region
    • Urban/rural location
    • Results from the Theme 1 document analysis
    • Results from the Theme 2 survey
    • Size of institution
    • Existing relationships and research access
    • Extent of sustainability uptake into institutional policy and practice
  • Data were collected:
    • From a variety of groups including students, staff, faculty, and community members
    • Through multiple methods such as talking walls, focus groups, individual interviews, conversation cafés, and facilities data
    • From the following institutions:
      • The University of British Columbia, BC
      • The University of Saskatchewan, SK (pilot)
      • The University College of the North, MB
      • The University of Toronto, ON
      • Laval University, QC
      • Mount Allison University, NB
      • Nunavut Arctic College, NU